Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baking day

Most of my mother's recipes I have on cards in her own handwriting. That makes them very special and I feel like we're baking together. And today is a special birthday. My granddaughter's. My daughter has requested that I make "grandma's" Milk Chocolate Cake. She remembers that as the traditional birthday cake for her, with white frosting (made with Crisco) and colored shot (sprinkles) on top. Let's continue the tradition!

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  1. i have my mother and grandmothers receipe cards also and I treasure them. My GM had a receipe for fried pies that were out of this world!! I grew up with food made,fried and backed with Crisco!! It lived on my mom's counter! I'll bet the Milk Chocolate Cake is everyones favoite in your family!