Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Eggs

A long time ago, in our first house, I had a wonderful neighbor and we became great friends. Her name is Ida. She taught me how to make egg ornaments. Many times, in the evening when the children were asleep, we would get together and work on them.

We would take apart old jewelry and look in all the stores to collect tiny things to put into our eggs. There was a woman who owned a very special store called "Crescent Landscaping" where we would buy rolls of gold cord and extra beads and do-dads. She had everything.

After blowing them, letting them dry and applying the gold cord, we would use a tiny scissor to cut openings in the eggs for special things to show through or sometimes leave them as they were and decorate with the finest embellishments.

Each one was a treasure to us, and as soon as we finished one we were on to another, thinking that one would be the best.

They have lasted all this time, about 45 years now. I love them as much now as I did then. And I love the memory of that time. I guess that's what I love most.


  1. How did they not break!
    gosh they are so special
    you women were lucky to have found each other...
    so precious

  2. The egg shells are much stronger when they are empty and then, as you glue, they are strongest.

  3. Beautiful unique treasures with so many memories.
    Thank you for stopping by Nature-Trail and leaving me such a sweet note. It is a pleasure to meet you! Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with many joys! hugs NG