Saturday, November 7, 2009


Introducing "Gene". I bought him many years ago in Michigan and, according to the papers that came with him, he was handsewn by Jennifer Reeves. He is "A Twin Lakes Bear". I bought him for my mother. As I said before, she loved bears. When I brought this one home to her, she said it looked like a German circus bear and she loved him.

With each bear that Jennifer made, she lettered a little book to tell about each one. This is Gene's story.

"Gene was born on December 12, 1992.

The entire Bear Clan moved here from Montana over two years ago. They found that the woods, near Twin Lakes, in Dowagiac, Michigan proved to be an ideal place for Mama and Papa Bear to raise their cubs.

Gene is the newest addition to the Bear Clan. Mama and Papa Bear are counting on your love and devotion to Gene and ask that you provide him with a cruel-free home and an occasional jar of wildflower honey. In return, Gene will keep any secrets safe, won't judge you for anything you might do, and will be loyal and love you forever.

If you ever get around the Twin Lakes area, maybe you will be able to catch a glimpse of Gene's brothers or sisters playing in the woods or swimming in the water. Be careful though because they will run and hide if an uprighter is near them. Each one only allows one special person into their life. Their devotion is forever. Hopefully, this means you! "

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