Sunday, October 24, 2010

My dolls from Germany

 I told you one time, on my other blog, about these dolls that my grandmother's brother in Germany sent to me when I was a child.  His name was Oswald and I have included him in several of my art pieces lately.  I love these two little "twin" dolls and I guess they remind me of Heidi.

 But I think my favorite was always this larger doll in the middle.  She always brought Heidi to mind too.  She is 6 inches long, so you see they are all small dolls, but beautiful.

 I never met "Uncle Oswald", but he must have been a very very kind person to think of me.  He wrote to my grandmother, who we lived with, and I still have some of his letters to her.

I knew they were something special, so I never really played with them.  They look just as they did when I got them. 

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