Monday, July 26, 2010


When we moved into this house, my mother lived with us and moved along with us. Her health was failing and she was with us for about two more years. When she died, I wanted so much to keep her memory alive in whatever way I could. I wanted her around me. She loved pink.

We bought those flowered pink couches and then my art teacher had this watercolor that matched perfectly!

Pink flowers from Bella Fiori!

My mother's crocheted afgan in pinks.

My grandmother's cups and saucers that she brought over from Germany. Pinks and purples.

A rosey plate from a garage sale.

A framed mirror that I made at one of Rosie's workshops with paste paper.

I assembled lots of other pinks...

to go with my mother's pink dishes...

and started looking for these pink statues that I would find in antique shops. This charming couple...

this bashful girl...

her suitor...

another cute couple...

and this telephone. My mother loved the old time telephones!

Love birds.

And then there was pink girl and...

boy blue...

and these lovelies that she had for years, all the while I was growing up.

Treasures. All of them.


  1. April, your "pinks" are all so lovely!! And in viewing them I feel I get to know a little bit of your mom. Such a lovely way to preserve her memory!!

  2. oh my your mom had good taste April

  3. What a beautiful assortment of pinks. I am in love with your grandmother's german cups and your transferware plates. I love pink, even though I talk a lot about purple, and I don't have enough. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful treasures. I am your newest follower!

  4. So love all this beauty...adore pink...xoxoxo