Monday, September 21, 2009


When she was little, my daughter made little creatures out of little pom poms. Not having been reminded of them in a long time, I was taken by surprise when one jumped out as I was cleaning cabinets yesterday! He told me he was separated from the others, and it was so warm and dark in the back of the cabinet that he fell asleep. He said, when he heard me in there, that he knew I was looking for him. Well..."hello, little fella"! It' s fun to be reminded of days way back when.

Having fits with the other blog that I was trying to use, and in too much of a hurry to get on with this, I decided to continue with user-friendly Blogger. I just can't wait! Anyway, for those who have seen this - yes, I am repeating myself. But this guy needed to be here.

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  1. This is wonderful April!! I can't wait for more!!