Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing Mr. Mouse

I have already showed you Chipmunk and thought I'd better show you Mr. Mouse. He didn't want to come off his little shelf, so this picture is a little dark, but I will try to coax him off another day. I want you to know that Audrey carved him too, and he loves being on this shelf with my little old book "Adventures of a Brownie" that I found in an antique store and my special little prints of drawings that my friend, Joan, did. She knows all about the Brownies. Do you? My book says "a Brownie is a curious creature - a fairy, and yet not one of that sort of fairies who fly about on gossamer wings, and dance in the moonlight, and so on. He never dances; and as to wings, what use would they be to him in a coal cellar? He is a sober, stay-at-home, household elf - nothing much to look at, even if you did see him, which you are not likely to do - only a little old man, about a foot high, all dressed in brown, with a brown face and hands, and a brown peaked cap, just the color of a brown mouse. And, like a mouse, he hides in corners - especially kitchen corners, and only comes out after dark when nobody is about, and so sometimes people call him Mr. Nobody."

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