Saturday, September 26, 2009


" Mrs. Salisbury"


Oh my goodness, bringing out all these old treasures made me dream about my old house and all our neighbors when I was a child. They were a wonderful group of people, like the Midford series or something like that! I love to think about them and they will always be in my memory. I think I need to write notes about them...maybe a story. Anyway, I think some of these "storybook dolls" used to come on Cupid Candies boxes. I think I will name them after my old neighbors!


  1. I have none of my old dolls...but have collected other people's dolls along the way....there is always that yearning isn't there?
    Your dolls are so how to display them all

  2. These dolls are wonderful April!! What great memories! I am picturing them done in watercolor by you!! Illustrations for those stories that are bouncing around in your head!!